Who We Are and What We Do?

Bordenave’s is a wholesale bakery.   We supply fresh baked bread daily to many of the finest restaurants, delis, and specialty grocery stores in the Bay Area.

For more than 89 years Bordenave’s of San Rafael has produced the finest quality bread products for the people of the Bay Area.  We do not use any modern dough conditioners, chemicals, additives, nor preservatives of any kind.

We at Bordenave’s pride ourselves on the freshness of our products.   We offer a wide selection of breads that vary in style, taste, grain and texture.

Each employee strives to acheive and maintain customer satisfaction. The close relationships we develop with our customers is proof of our success.  We work very hard to keep our customers coming back for more.  We have a large and devoted clientele to show for it.  We truely enjoy our work. Bordenave’s have earned a reputation for extraordinary quality and creativity while maintaining very reasonable prices.?